Interview with Author Akhand Singh

First of all, I would like to you welcome in the literary world. Being capable of expressing feelings in the form of words is itself an achievement. Here, at WordCurd we would like you to express your feelings and experience as a writer, reader and as a human.

And now as you have entered this world, how do you feel being a member of it?
I feel great, since my teenage I have always wanted to be a part of something where I can be expressive and can make something come to life. I think writing brings me that kind of powerful magic.

What made you think your book is different from others? What makes your book special that reader should pick it?
The Slip Of Me is different from any other book because it does not only talk about love, friendship and family but it also takes you back in time when things were complicated yet simple. Its about time when teenage didn’t really have cell phones and the best way to express love was through love letters. And when friends would do anything for each other.

While writing this book what were your expectations from the book? Where you sure that this book could give wings to your writing career?
I expect The Slip Of Me to reach people’s heart and enforce nostalgia. I am hopeful that they will connect to the story and the characters and leave reviews. I think getting reviewed is a very necessary part of this process.

I am sure that this book has already given me a jump-start to my writing career. I have gotten a lot of feedbacks from people and I am glad that they love the story. From here I think my role is to just keep going on.

What do you think of writing as a career? What importance does literature plays in your life?
I think it would be awesome. Literature plays a very important role in my life. I think most of my day goes in poetry and blogging. And so I am thinking to pursue a Masters of Arts in Literature to improve my writing style.

What according to you is the best way to connect to readers? Words shooting from heart, an extraordinary story or something else?
I think every writer’s primal thinking is that they connect to the reader only if they can write words shooting from the heart. But I think it is an aggregation, in order to connect to your readers, you have to write your heart, you have to write extraordinary and relatable characters, and then you have to write what could seem real to the reader. The story has to grab their attention.

Now as your debut book arrives in the market, what do you expect from your readers?
I expect to get a lot of feedbacks and reviews. I am hoping they will connect to this story and would love being a part of this journey.

When you were in the initial phase of the writing journey, what obstacles you faced as a debutant author?
I started writing this story in late 2007, and it’s been 9 years when this work has finally arrived to its prime.  So the major obstacle was time, I grew up writing this story and finding ways to justify the characters that existed in 2003 into 2016.

What you think is the purpose of your writing? What difference does writing makes to your life?If not writing, then what?
The purpose of my writing is to tell people that expressing your feelings is one of the best things to do in life. There is a story in all of us and it’s just waiting to be heard.
Writing makes a lot of difference in my life. I am more expressive than I ever was, I think it’s not only the expressiveness but writing brings me at peace with myself, it brings this calm that I think is the most valuable thing in life.
If I weren’t writing then I would probably be sketching. I love to sketch from time to time.

Does at any stage you feel like leaving the script in the halfway. Who would you like to give the credit of being a constant inspirer?
Yes I thought about leaving the script a lot of times. I think it became a huge challenge when I moved to US and started my Masters. Life became so busy that it was so hard to concentrate on this story.
The story itself and my wife were the constant motivators. I would have probably given up if not for these guys.

Last, but most important question readers would want to know- Are you working on another book? If yes, how different is this from your last work?
Yes I am working on a new book; this story would be more of a continuation of The Slip Of Me. It is going to answer the question “what is next in Vikram’s life”.

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